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ain't no challenge like a pan mass challenge

'cause a pan mass challenge don't stop

$3,765 $3,840 of $5,000 raised so far!

My goal for the PMC this year is to raise $5000, but my hope is that we raise twice that much.  One of the great things about the PMC is that 100% of every rider-raised donation goes directly to cancer research at treatment at Dana Farber; every single dollar you donate goes straight to funding the work that’s helping to save people’s lives.

Not that that’s not enough, but I’m throwing in some extra incentives for you guys this year:

  1. Donating $100 or more before July 1st will make you a member of the Jersey Crew: you’ll be recognized on a special Jersey Crew shirt I’ll be wearing on the first day of the ride, and your name will be listed here on the donate page (unless you’d rather remain anonymous).
  2. If we surpass the $5k goal and hit $7,000, I’ll change my twitter, gmail, and facebook photo to a certain young rider pictured here, circa 1983. If that’s not motivation enough, I’m not sure what could be!

ready to help out?

Great! Clicking on the button below will take you to my profile page on the PMC website; look at the right side of the page and you’ll see a box for giving online. (Other options for giving are here.) Thank you again, on behalf of me, my dad and everyone else waiting for the day when cancer is a thing of the past.


Nick’s 2009 PMC Jersey Crew Members:

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