ride nick ride

ain't no challenge like a pan mass challenge

'cause a pan mass challenge don't stop


The ride is over.  Two days, over 170 miles, countless LARA bars (unofficial food sponsor) and Emergen-C’s downed, and nearly 5000 dollars raised to support the fight against cancer.  We did it!  This year’s edition was harder than last year’s; Hopefully a more-active winter will help me be stronger for 2010.  Special thanks to the Merrow cousins for putting me up, keeping me fed, and making sure my early morning send off included a hot cup of coffee.   And a deep and heartfelt thanks to all of you who contributed to this year’s edition of the PMC, and our team.  I feel that we can share a little victory here, a moment of focus not so much on this disease, but on the greatness of the human spirit in adversity.   We can endure; We can ride bikes; We can tell jokes;  We can see beyond ourselves and make room for others in our hearts.  We can refuse to let this illness mean we give up living.  Thank you!


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